eTaconic® empowers all animal model stakeholders with unparalleled visibility and access to data.

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What our customers are saying about eTaconic® 3.2:

  • "Best in class"
  • "It's how we run the business"
  • "eTaconic® is designed around the client"
It allows our Scientific Services customers to have secure, 24/7/365 access to their Colony Management and Model Generation project data and reports in real time, and is designed to be easy to use and mobile device friendly.

With eTaconic® you can:

  • See live inventory of your breeding projects
  • Access project spend and shipment data of your breeding projects
  • Download current inventory reports in multiple formats
  • Access historical documentation of your breeding and design projects
  • See a monthly status update on breeding projects as they are recorded
  • Easily contact your project manager or initiate an animal shipment
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eTaconic® 3.2 Features

eTaconic® 3.2 has many new features and enhancements, with a focus on Colony Management projects. Below is a brief example of some interior screens - or you can try the demo.

  • A new user dashboard.
  • Inventory, spending, and shipping reports, as well as document downloads, for Colony Management projects. Many users will also see a redefined project Lifecycle stage, and dynamic monthly status updates.
  • Milestone Reports and documents for Model Generation projects.

Colony Management

Below is an example of a single project:
Colony Management Project View
  1. Navigation
  2. Project summary/company
  3. Project Data
  4. Project Spend
  5. Shipments
  6. Task accordion (below)


Model Generation

If you have a Model Generation project (or projects) your home screen is now the user dashboard. Below is an example of a single project. If you have multiple projects you will have a list view.
Model Generation Project Page
  1. Navigation
  2. Project summary/company
  3. Project Data

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Last updated on 8/23/2019