Precision Research Models

Genetically Engineered Mice: Predictive Animal Models for Human Research

Precision research models are one of many tools that biopharmaceutical companies and academic organizations are using to improve biomedical research, drug discovery and preclinical development. The need for better, more predictive models in non-clinical research addresses a major challenge faced by researchers worldwide: Getting similar results in humans as in animal models. The promise of Precision Mouse Models directly addresses that challenge.
What our customers say:

“Working with Taconic has been a great pleasure for Pharmatest. We are impressed with the high quality services, top-level scientific support, and fast and clear communication. By using humanized mice provided by Taconic, we have been able to establish more predictive animal models to support immuno-oncology therapy development.”
Dr. Jenni Bernoulli, COO at Pharmatest

Advancing Biomedical Research with Mouse Models

Precision research mouse models are increasingly being utilized for a variety of human research applications, among the most prominent being the analysis of proteins involved in drug metabolism and disposition, as well as the study of the immune and hematopoietic systems, infectious disease, regenerative medicine and cancer biology.

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