CRISPR Gene Editing

CRISPR gene editing speeds timelines, reduces costs, and improves efficiencies in custom model generation.

  • Dramatically reduce timelines compared to traditional gene targeting methods.
  • Efficiently retarget existing animal models and repositories.
  • Generate custom knockouts and point mutations at significant cost reduction.

CRISPR How It WorksTaconic Biosciences uses the latest CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology to generate genetically-engineered animal models with a 100% success rate. Taconic is only commercial CRISPR model provider to hold licenses from both UC Berkley and the Broad Institute, and the first to hold CRISPR licenses for both mice and rats.

Contact us to talk with a Taconic scientist about applying CRISPR technologies to your animal model design program.

Generating CRISPR Mice and Rats

Taconic offers a mature, successful program for the design and generation of CRISPR-edited animal models.

Your CRISPR founders, fully characterized via genotyping and sequencing data, can be seamlessly transitioned to Taconic's rapid colony expansion and colony management programs.

  • Selection of target site, assays, and oligonucleotides, as well as predicted off-target sites.
  • Preparation of sgRNA and Cas9 mRNA.
  • Injection of sgRNA and Cas9 mRNA into mouse C57BL/6NTac zygotes, to generate F0 mutated candidate animals.
  • Genotyping and target-site sequence analysis in mutated candidate F0 animals.
  • Optional steps:
    • Germline breeding of F0 founder animal (optional)
    • Sequence analysis of germline transmitted F1 animals (optional)
    • Off-target analysis in germline transmitted F1 animals (optional)
The CIEA NOG mouse Download the Taconic Biosciences' Poster:
At Taconic Biosciences, we use both an in vivo strategy utilizing one-cell embryos and a complementary in vitro strategy utilizing embryonic stem (ES) cells to generate both mouse and rat models with CRISPR/Cas9. We provide a broad data-set to illustrate our experiences using these two strategies within our production pipeline.
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